Soft-Lite Windows brings you 5400 Armor Max Plus™ Windows America’s Toughest, Prettiest & Most Versatile Maximum Impact Windows

Exceptional hurricane protection, beauty, energy efficiency, security, safety and sound reduction.

Soft-Lite Armor Max Plus Windows

PROTECTION AND PEACE OF MIND – 5400 Armor Max Plus™ impact windows provide fortress-like protection against intrusion. A nearly impenetrable 0.090”. PVB interlayer, three panes of glass that are deeply embedded into the frames, rigid tubular master frames and superior locking hardware combine to do what alarm systems can’t–help prevent bad guys from getting into your home.

PEACE AND QUIET – You’ll appreciate the sound-reducing qualities that 5400 Armor Max Plus impact windows provide. They're specially engineered heavy-duty glass system creates a formidable barrier to outside noise. These products provide you with a level of peace and quiet you’ve never experienced before.

COMFORT AND ENERGY SAVINGS – Like all Soft-Lite products, 5400 Armor Max Plus impact windows are engineered for optimal thermal performance. Because they are so highly energy efficient, they help to lower your energy bills and keep temperatures constant throughout your home so that you can enjoy a more comfortable living environment.

ULTRAVIOLET PROTECTION – UV rays and other segments of the light spectrum cause fading and damage to carpeting and home furnishings. Nothing can completely prevent fading, but Soft-Lite 5400 Armor Max Plus windows provide greater fade protection because virtually all of the UVa and UVb rays are being blocked by the glass and coatings.

SAFE AT HOME – 5400 Armor Max Plus impact windows give new meaning to "safety glass." Normal tempered safety glass breaks into small pieces when even accidentally struck with a sharp or large object. The glass in 5400 Armor Max Plus windows is so resilient that objects typically bounce off of it. When struck with a sharp object, the glass may crack, but it stays intact to continually protect your home.

Soft-Lite Armor Max Plus Impact Windows


5400 Armor Max PlusTM Hurricane Glass System – with three panes of glass and a protective 0.090" laminated interlayer–provides exceptional protection against airborne debris and other dangers from violent weather. The glass is deeply embedded into the frame, offering optimum structural integrity.*

Rigid tubular master frame – with all the corners fused together at high temperatures for extraordinary strength–has multiple chambers to improve insulating properties, as well as strength and rigidity. ComfortFoam™ inside the frame chambers enhances thermal performance.

Heavy-duty constant force balance system – with stainless steel reinforced attachment points—gives you fingertip operation of even the largest double-hung models.*

Two heavy-duty cam sweep locks – hold sashes in place during violent weather and will also keep your home safer and more secure. From the outside looking in, they cannot be seen, which gives your windows a more attractive appearance.

Soft-White™ and Beige vinyl – clear through–complement practically any architectural style.

Zamac 3 zinc-aluminum tilt latches on double-hung models – help keep sashes secure during violent weather, yet let you tilt in sashes easily to make cleaning a breeze. (Designed specifically for coastal conditions.)

Soft-Lite’s high-performance SolarControl Max – has a Low-E coating and argon gas between the glass panes ensure that 5400 Armor Max Plus impact windows help lower home energy costs and make your home more comfortable.*

Heavy-duty aluminum screen frames – feature GREENGUARD® certified BetterVue™ screens that give you a clearer view of the outdoors and added airflow.*

Insulating foam – wraps around the frame significantly reduces the possibility of drafts.

PPG Intercept® – warm-edge spacer system reduces energy loss through the glass.*

*Feature not visible in pictures above.

For more information on Soft-Lite 5400 Armor Max Plus™ Impact windows, download this PDF Brochure.

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