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  • What is the benefit's of a sunroom?

    It's an affordable way to add extra space to your home, increasing your home's overall value. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while being protected from the rain, snow, & wind. Sunrooms capture the warmth & light of the sun, allowing you to use natural light instead of using electric lighting.

  • What is a porch enclosure?

    Designed specifically for porches, screen enclosures & even gazebos, our porch enclosures offer the open feeling of a screen room, but also give you the comfort & convenience of an enclosed porch. The enclosures are made with our exclusive vinyl vertical 4-track window system & are available in 7 different frame colors to match the existing exterior of your home. Easily installed, usually completed within a day or two, a porch enclosure can add value & beauty to your home.

  • What are vertical 4-track windows?

    Our WeatherMaster vertical 4-track windows allow 75% ventilation in your porch enclosure or 3 season sunroom. The 4-track windows are adjustable allowing you to stack them up, down or bunch in the middle. Made with View Flex vinyl, these windows are more durable than glass and there are a variety of frame colors available as well as glazing tints. They are custom designed to fit you're existing openings & are perfect under existing roof applications. They come with a full fiberglass mesh screen and have a stylish & modern design.

  • Why should I choose a sunroom over a standard room addition?

    Each type of room has its own specific purpose & you should first determine how you want to use your space. A sunroom is designed as an additional room on your house that protects you from the weather & insects during the times that you would be outdoors. Sunrooms can be installed at a fraction of the cost and time, compared to any room addition. They can be installed within a day or two, compared to weeks or months of a room addition.

  • What size sunrooms are available?

    All of our rooms are custom designed & can be made to any size, whether large or small.

  • Will my sunroom stand up to severe weather & snow?

    All of products are built and installed to meet & exceed building codes. They have the highest specifications for snow loads & inclement weather conditions. Our products are engineered sealed & approved to meet building codes of the northern region.

  • Do you provide Sun Shades for windows, doors & sunrooms?

    Yes, our Sun Shades or also know as solar shades are custom designed to be installed in a sunroom or porch enclosure & will be installed by certified professionals, who know how to properly install them. Often referred as "sunglasses" for your windows, sun-shades protect from the sun in 4 ways: Reduce glare, diffuse light, help control heat gain & protect furniture for damaging Ultra Violet rays. The Sun-Shades are available in 6 fabric colors and an openness factor of 3%, 5% or 14%.

  • What are the benefits of using Aluminum?

    Aluminum does not contain iron, nor does it absorb water. It will not rust, rot nor crack. It is not susceptible to termites or pest infestation. While decks, railings & fences made of traditional products require regular scraping, sanding, painting & sealing, aluminum maintains its color & appearance for a lifetime. You do not need any special cleansers, nor any sealants or stains to maintain the beauty of your outdoor space. This UV-resistant quality also provides a cooler surface for your outdoor living space. Aluminum decking, railing & fencing products are truly maintenance-free, giving you the gift of carefree time in your outdoor space.

  • What kind of warranty does my sunroom come with?

    Most of our sunrooms & products come with a lifetime warranty. Ask an A&B representative for more information.

  • What other services do you provide?

    We are more than just sunrooms! We now offer additional quality solutions for your home improvement needs. We will replace your windows, entry & patio doors, vinyl siding, add a new deck or repair your old one, replace your railings on your deck or add a gazebo or pergola. You may also want to check out our Services page for the complete listing. Just think of us your general contractor!

  • Are you insured & what is your contractor number?

    A&B Sunrooms and Remodel is fully insured & can provide the paperwork if you need it. Our Pennsylvania Contractor Number is 105177.

  • Do I need to obtain a building permit for my sunroom?

    It depends on where you live & what type of project you would like. A&B Sunrooms and Remodel handles all necessary permit paperwork & can assist you in the process.

  • What area, do you provide service?

    A&B Sunrooms and Remodel serves the entire Northeast Pennsylvania area.

  • Do you have a showroom, so I can see what your company offers?

    Yes, we do have a showroom but please call to set-up an appointment at 1-800-786-5113 or call toll-free at 1-800-786-5113. We are also at trade shows on the weekends, so if you want to meet us & see what our sunrooms are all about, follow us onĀ FaceBook & we'll keep you up-to-date.

  • What forms of payment, do you accept?

    We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard. Additionally, we have a financing option to asset you with your home improvement project. We do financing through a private bank for qualifying candidates. With an APR rate as low as 2.99%, this may be the right option for you!

  • Do you have a Referral program?

    Yes, if you have had work done in the past, & refer a new client to us, we will put money in your pocket! All you have to do is tell the referred client, to give us your name, when they call to set their in home estimate. When the job is sold, we will give you $50. Our previous clients are our best form of advertisement.

  • Can I submit a review & how do I do so?

    We take great pride in providing top-notch services to our customers. That is way it's important to us to hear how we are doing. Click here to let us know about your experience you had with us.

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