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Welcome to American Louvered Roof

Residential New Patio Cover
American Louvered Roof Systems

A&B Sunrooms and Remodel is your authorized dealer of American Louvered Roof Systems and Outdoor Living

Extend your seasonal experience outdoors by enjoying the American Louvered Roof (ALR) line of outdoor products. Our unique Louvered Roof System, our all-weather Kitchen & Beverage Centers and the unique PW Sikes Cookers will make your gatherings memorable for family and friends!

Facts About American Louvered Roof Systems
  • Louvered Roof System weighs 1.87 lbs. per square foot.

  • Louvered are available in 2 ft. increments beginning at 10' and ending at 24'. (e.g., 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 22', and 24 ft.) We also have the longest louver length in the industry.

  • Louvered Roof System can be engineered and built up to 180 mph wind-load and up to 80 lbs. per square foot snow load.

  • Louvered Roof System rafters can be connected or assembled endlessly (rafters have been installed up to 100 ft.)

  • Louvered Roof System can be designed to fit any shape you may need. (e.g., hexagon, curved or angled edge, octagon, etc.)

  • Louvered Roof System can easily be designed to "fit" any structure. (e.g., wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc.)

  • Louvered Roof System’s post, beam, louver, and rafter are 100% extruded aluminum and are electrostatic powder coated in 3 standard colors. They are also made in the U.S.A.!

3 standard colors for Louvered Roof System
Extruded Aluminum Modular Outdoor Kitchens, made to Your Specifications

ALR chooses aluminum. Lightweight, rustproof and performance finishes that stand up to UV rays, power washing, and beverage spillage. You can take it with you when you move without calling a crane or move it to a new preferred location. We can size your kitchen to accept your trusty existing grill or outfit it with one of our patented PW Sikes Cookers. The ALR Kitchen system is a modular system that can be configured as a buffet for preparing and serving, a bar with ice storage and a cooking kitchen.

Outside Kitchen Modules
Kitchen Modules

We have 6 basic modules you arrange to make your ideal kitchen layout. Galley layout, lazy L layout, 90º layout and virtually any other layout of any length can be accomplished. This makes for the most dramatic and comfortable planned entertaining facility.

Beverage Center

ALR Beverage Center is manufactured from stainless steel with insulated dual sinks that will maintain your ice for hours on end. It can be permanently plumbed or fitted with a 12-volt pump and reservoir for water service. The multi-bottle speed rack provides quick service pours for your guests. 

Beverage Center
PW Sikes Cookers
PW Sikes Cookers

Say Good-Bye to burnt and dry! The PW Sikes Cookers have 4 patents that clearly separate this cooking device for all other outdoor grills.

Patent #6,038,934 describes a “Convection Based Cooking Apparatus with Improved Airflow”.  Patent #6,143,341 describes a “Convection Based Cooking Method with Flow of Combined Heated Air and Steam”. The most meaningful result is that food can NEVER be burnt and the moisture assures juicy meats and perfect textured vegetables.

PW Sikes Cooker

The PW Sikes Cooker Water Partition is the key. Food never dries out & stays juicy through a broad range of final temperatures. Even well-done steaks are juicy!

Convective Action, PW Sikes Cooker

Convective action is the second key to the PW Sikes Cooker. Carefully engineered airflow delivers heat & moisture resulting in continuous basting of your food.

Wood Chips, PW Sikes Cooker

The removable wood box holds soaked wood chips for smoking your foods & the convective action envelopes the food in smoke.

Water Partition, PW Sikes Cooker

The heated air, smoke, and steam from the water partition move from the searing side toward the exhaust side.

Top Down, PW Sikes Cooker

The top-down cooking action cooks food more completely & the moisture preserves the food quality when meats are more well done.

No Flare Ups, PW Sikes Cooker

The PW Sikes Cooker will NEVER flare up or burn your food. Keep the lid down during the cooking process to enjoy moist evenly cooked food every time!

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