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Soft-Lite Windows Are The Right Choice

Soft-Lite Windows is proud to offer a wide variety of styles to suit any budget and aesthetic sensibility. Soft-Lite's company’s founders began to manufacture vinyl frames in 1953, back when popular opinion still favored wood as the primary construction material for home windows. Modern science has proven that vinyl far outperforms wood, & even aluminum, as an energy-efficient material for window frames. Best of all, vinyl enables those who value the traditional look of the woodgrain to enjoy the appearance of wood along with the energy-conserving benefits & maintenance-free ease of vinyl window frames.

Why Vinyl Windows Are Better Than Wood or Aluminum Windows

  • Vinyl is virtually maintenance free

  • If you want the look of a wood window, vinyl can be manufactured to mirror the appearance of wood

  • Vinyl windows by Soft-Lite come in 17 standard exterior colors, 5 interior woodgrain finishes, & endless custom colors

  • Vinyl won’t corrode & separate like metal or rot and deteriorate like wood

  • Vinyl sash & frame corners are airtight after welding & are far more effective at reducing air infiltration

  • Vinyl windows provide decades of smooth, easy operation

  • Our vinyl windows come in a variety of styles including double-hung windows, awning windows, & sliding windows

Soft-Lite Window Styles

Single Hung

Quality vinyl windows for replacement & new construction.

Double Hung

Most popular window style, due to the ease of cleaning


Most energy efficient style, offering the most airtight seal.


Open this vinyl window by sliding one sash horizontally past the other.


Dramatic combinations that project outward from the house. 


A hinge at the top allows this style of window to open outward.


Stationary vinyl windows that can be cut to unusual shapes. 


Stationary vinyl windows, often designed to match double hung or casement windows.


Dramatic combinations that project outward from the house. 


Grow herbs or flowers in this “greenhouse” window.

Energy-Efficient Windows With a Lifetime Warranty

A perfect fit minimizes air infiltration, which means warm air remains inside during the winter, and hot air stays outside during the summer. This prevents the home’s heating & cooling system from constantly running to compensate for fluctuating indoor temperatures. In turn, that can translate into reduced heating & cooling costs. Combine the tightest seal in the industry with our other energy-saving features – such as vinyl frames that block heat, double-pane or triple-pane glass with an argon or krypton gas fill between the panes, “Low-E” glass coating, and foam insulation inside the frame & sill.

Soft-Lite Impact Windows and Doors Withstand Hurricane Winds and More

Discerning homeowners don’t merely want impact windows that might – possibly – protect them from hurricane-force winds and flying debris. Soft-Lite’s Armor Max Plus impact windows remove any doubt. These rugged, heavy-duty windows easily passed every durability test, including the rigorous Large Missile Impact Level “D” test. That means they can withstand sustained winds of 140 mph, and gusts of up to 212 mph. These windows have also achieved HVHZ certification, which means they are tested & approved for high-velocity hurricane zones. Even if you don’t live in an area where such strong winds are common, knowing that your Soft-Lite impact windows could stand up to that kind of destructive force.

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